Student Board

Journal Editorial Board

Catherine Peters
Editor-in-Chief: Harvard University

Catie PetersCatherine is a Ph.D. candidate in American Studies at Harvard University. She holds a M.A. from the School of Oriental and African Studies in Anthropology of Food and a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame. Catherine’s interdisciplinary research examines questions of empire, race, and the environment in the 18th and 19th centuries. She tweets at @catiepeters.

Emma McDonell
Managing Editor: Indiana University 

emmaEmma is a PhD candidate in Anthropology at Indiana University and an active member of the Indiana University Food Studies Institute. She holds a BA in anthropology and environmental studies from UC Santa Cruz and is currently conducting twelve months of dissertation fieldwork in Puno, Peru. Her dissertation research focuses on the quinoa boom-bust to explore questions of indigenous recognition, collective action, and geographic indications. She has published work in Gastronomica, the Graduate Journal of Food Studies, and the edited volume, Andean Foodways. She tweets at @EmMcDonell and shares visuals on Instagram @emmadilemma913.

Katherine Hysmith
Associate Editor & Communications Editor: University of North Carolina

Katherine_HysmithKatherine is a PhD student in American Studies at the University of North Carolina, focusing on historical foodways and its relation to modern consumption patterns and attitudes towards food, society, and the media. She holds a BA in Plan II Honors and French from the University of Texas and an MLA in Gastronomy from Boston University. Katherine has an academic and professional background in food writing, food photography, and research, and has had her work featured in publications including The Boston Globe, t.e.l.l. New England, and The Ethnic American Food Today Encyclopedia, among others. She also shares her work on her blog, tweets at @kchysmith, and shares visuals on her Instagram, @kchysmith.

Edwige Crucifix
Book Reviews Editor: Brown University 

edwigeEdwige is a PhD student in Comparative Literature at Brown University. At the crossroad between food studies, gender studies and literature, she is interested in the ways in which discourses on food shape the imagination. Her research explores the intertwining of female sensual experience and feminist discourse in 19th century domestic fiction, particularly in the context of French colonization. She holds an MA in Comparative Literature, a BA in English and a BA in Lettres Modernes from the Sorbonne (Université Paris IV). Her work on food has been published in Captures : Figures, théories et pratiques de l’imaginaire.

Sally Baho
Copy Editor: University of the Pacific 

sally-bahoSally is a Master’s student at University of the Pacific’s new interdisciplinary Food Studies program in San Francisco, CA. She holds a B.S. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from the University of California, San Diego and currently works as a research assistant at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. She writes a recipe column for her local newspaper, The Cedar Street Times, and is active in’s project, Making Sense of: Food. Her research interests include food and identity, especially with respect to diaspora populations.

Hailey Grohman
Copy Editor: University of Vermont 

hailey2Hailey is a recent graduate of the MS in Food Systems from the University of Vermont, where she focused on food media and food systems communications. She also holds a B.S. in Food Systems from the University of Vermont. She blogs for the UVM Food Feed and tweets at @haileygrohman.

Association Board

Anastasia Day
GAFS President: University of Delaware

dayAnastasia is an advanced doctoral candidate and Hagley Scholar in the History Department at the University of Delaware. Her research centers around the environment, gender, consumerism, and technology in the American twentieth century; with particular interest in local food, victory gardens, and domestic production. She has a B.A. in philosophy from Lawrence University.

Gretchen Sneegas
Vice President / President-Elect: University of Georgia

Sneegas GAFS picGretchen Sneegas is a PhD Candidate in Geography at the University of Georgia. Her dissertation research analyzes the production of farmers as environmental subjects in the context of shale gas development, with land grant colleges forming a key institutional node at the intersection of knowledge, expertise, and power. Gretchen holds a dual B.A. in Germanic Studies and Theater and Drama from Indiana University, and an M.A. in Food Studies from Chatham University. Her academic work has been published in Agriculture and Human Values, The Extractive Industries and Society, and Graduate Journal of Food Studies. She tweets at @GretchenSneegas and shares Instagram visuals at @sistrgoldnhr.

Jesse Dart
Secretary: University of Sydney

JesseDart1Jesse is a PhD candidate in anthropology at the University of Sydney where he studies the culture of free food in the tech industry. Previously he worked in the wine trade in London and studied at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. He has written for a number of publications like Roads & Kingdoms, Monocle and The Art of Eating on topics related to food, culture and society.

Travis Weisse
Conference Coordinator: University of Wisconsin-Madison 

TravisTravis is a PhD Candidate in History of Science, Medicine, and Technology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He holds an MA in History and Philosophy of Science from Indiana University Bloomington and a BA in Philosophy of Science and Theater from Quinnipiac University. Travis’ research examines the cultural and scientific tensions involved in constructing nutritional expertise in postwar America through the lens of diet gurus and their followers. He tweets at @TravisWeisse.

Past Board Members 

Carla Cevasco
Editor-in-Chief, 2014-2016: Harvard University

Carla CevascoCarla Cevasco is a Ph.D. candidate in American Studies at Harvard University. She received an A.M. in American History from Harvard and a B.A. in English and American Literatures from Middlebury College. Her dissertation is a cultural history of hunger in colonial New England and New France. Her research interests include food, medicine, and material culture in the early Atlantic world and beyond. Her public scholarship has appeared at Common-Place and The Recipes Project. She tweets at @cevasco_carla.

Emily Contois
Editor-in-Chief, 2016-2017; Managing Editor & Communications Editor, 2015-2016: Brown University

Emily ContoisEmily is a PhD candidate in American Studies at Brown University. Her research explores food, eating, health, and the body in the everyday American experience and popular culture. Her dissertation examines food masculinities in the 21st-century US. Emily holds a BA in Letters from the University of Oklahoma, an MPH focused in Public Health Nutrition from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MLA in Gastronomy from Boston University. Her work has been published in CuiZine: The Journal of Canadian Food Cultures, Fat Studies, the Graduate Journal of Food Studies, Inside Higher Ed, and The Inquisitive Eater, among others. She also blogs and tweets at @emilycontois.

Jake Eaton
GAFS Secretary, 2016-2017: Washington University in St. Louis 

eatonJake is a PhD student in Public Health at Washington University in St. Louis. His work is at the intersection of public health and anthropology, centering on the translation of microbiome research into nutrition policy and practice. He holds an MPH, also from Wash U, as well a BA in Anthropology and English from Tufts University.

Clara Hanson
Book Reviews Editor, 2014-2016: University of California, Los Angeles

Clara HansonClara is a PhD student in Sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles. She uses qualitative and computational methods to consider how knowledge about “good” eating, health, and bodies travels. Clara holds a BA in American Studies and Sociology from The George Washington University and an MLA in Gastronomy from Boston University.

Brad Jones
GAFS President, 2016-2017: Washington University in St. Louis

Brad JonesBradley M. Jones received a MLA in Gastronomy from Boston University in 2014, a BA from Wabash College in 2010, and is pursuing a PhD in Anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis. His research explores alternative forms of food production, environmental sustainability, and neo-agrarianism in the United States. He is the founding editor of the Graduate Journal of Food Studies and has published articles, encyclopedia entries, and reviews in: CuiZine: the Journal of Canadian Food Culture; Food, Culture, and Society; Gastronomica; Digest: A Journal of Foodways and Culture; the Oxford Companion; and the Springer Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics; among others.

Tommy Le
Conference Coordinator, 2016-2017: New York University 

leHailing from Los Angeles by way of Oakland, CA, Tommy is a part-time Masters candidate in Food Studies at NYU. Tommy holds a BA in American Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a certificate in urban agriculture from the Youth Farm at HSPS in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. His research interests includes urban agriculture, Vietnamese foodways, and fishing narratives. You can find him on Instagram @tovle.

Zachary Nowak
GAFS President, 2014-2015: Harvard University

Zachary NowakZach is a PhD candidate in the doctoral program in American Studies at Harvard University. He is also the associate director of the Food and Sustainability Studies Program at the Umbra Institute in Perugia, Italy. His research focuses on the importance (or lack thereof) of place for food. He is the author of Truffle: A Global History (Reaktion, 2015), the translator of Why Architects Still Draw (MIT Press, 2014), the editor and translator of Inventing The Pizzeria: A History of Pizza Making in Naples (Bloomsbury Academic, 2015), and a co-editor of Representing Italy Through Food (Bloomsbury, 2017).