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The Graduate Journal of Food Studies (GJFS) welcomes students who may be interested in working with the Journal outside of contributing an article. As GJFS is often the first point of contact for many graduate students, working with us would be a great opportunity to gain relevant professional experience before participating in other spheres of scholarly publishing. Please note that, at this time, all positions are on an unpaid/volunteer basis. 

There are a number of ways that students can get involved with the GJFS:

Apply to Serve as a Co-Editor 

We are currently seeking two co-editors to start their onboarding over summer of 2021. Apply now!

Our editorial board switched to a flattened structure in June 2020, favoring distributed leadership over titles and hierarchy. With this shift came the collective commitment to share decisions and responsibilities: co-editors are asked to work with prospective authors based on their area of expertise, and, alongside these editorial tasks, each co-editor is asked to oversee one aspect of organizational management year-round (e.g. monitoring inboxes). While most of our operations take place asynchronously, we meet three times a year to discuss in-progress articles, ideate future directions, and see smiling faces. We are pleased that our current editorial board is made up of an international editorship, and we hope to continue involving perspectives outside of the North American context especially as our commitments to publishing and pedagogy intend to serve the greater community of early-career food scholars. With this in mind, we are actively seeking two new members to join our editorial board.

  • Commitment: minimum one year 
  • How to Apply: please send the following documents as attachments to gjfseditor [at] gmail [dot] com.
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  1. A cover letter expressing your interest in collaborating as a co-editor. Please be sure to note your research areas, relevant skill sets (see below), and tentative timeline of your graduate career. 
  2. CV
  3. A statement on diversity, equity, and inclusion that reflects your personal values and professional work ethics. Please note that this statement is meant to provide you with an opportunity to tell us more about yourself that may not be apparent otherwise in the rest of this application. In turn, we would have a more nuanced idea of who we might be working with. We recommend this statement to be between 250-400 words. 
  4. Candidates will be interviewed by members of the current editorial board. 
  • Desired skill set (but not required): knowledge of GoogleSuite, Trello, WordPress, Chicago Manual of Style, and social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Interested students should contact us with questions at gjfseditor [at] gmail [dot] com  

Sign Up to be a Book Reviewer

Book reviews are part of how we stay abreast of the latest research in our field. They are often one of the first forays into publishing for graduate students as they rely solely on your analytical skills and paraphrasing instead of original research data. Often, it is through critically examining other authors’ arguments that one comes to better understand their own ideas; so, serving as a book reviewer can equip graduate students in their initial stages with confidence having surveyed the existing literature. We can suggest texts for review ourselves, or better yet, we welcome student suggestions should you already have something in mind. Please note that we extend our ‘book reviews’ to non-textual media such as films, podcasts, art exhibits/installations, conferences, events, and more.

We seek book reviewers on an ongoing basis. If you would like to further discuss options, please follow up with us at GJFSreviews [at] gmail [dot] com.

Gain Experience as a 3-month Intern 

We welcome students who may be interested in learning more about Journal operations and the tasks that make up the editorial process. Volunteers can select one of three tracks:  (1) volunteers could shadow and assist a co-editor, subject to what is in our publication queue and authorial consent;  (2) volunteers could work at the administrative level and, in consultation with the editorial board, carry out an organizational project to completion;  (3) volunteers could propose a project to the editorial board on new ways to engage our readership and student community. As part of the Graduate Association for Food Studies, we intend to give priorities to graduate students; however, we would consider undergraduate students who demonstrate excellent communication skills. While we do not expect previous experience, we hope that volunteers come in with an openness to collaborate. 

  • Commitment: 3 months (February-April, June-August, October-December) 
  • How to Apply: fill out Student Intern Application Form 
  • Questions on the form include: 
    • Tell us about yourself and how you became interested in the Journal. 
    • Which track are you most interested in? Why? 
    • How would the experience gleaned from this internship align with your future aspirations?

We are open to volunteer applications on a rolling basis. Simply fill out the form using the link above and follow up with us by email if you haven’t heard back in two weeks’ time. Students can apply to more than one round of internship if they are interested in gaining more experience.

Sign Up to be a Peer Reviewer

All of our research articles go through rigorous peer review with feedback provided by early career researchers such as yourselves. Often, it is through giving constructive feedback to others that one comes to better understand the revisions process; so, the benefits of serving as a peer reviewer fall upon not just the author.

We seek peer reviewers on an ongoing basis. If you have not received a confirmation email from us in one month’s time, please follow up with us at gjfseditor [at] gmail [dot] com.