This archive includes PDFs of the articles and reviews published from spring 2014 to fall 2015 before the Graduate Journal of Food Studies transitioned to an online format.


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Research Articles

The Spectacular Origins of the EU Horse Meat Scandal
by Siobhan Watters

Margarine for Butter: Budget Cooking in America
by Ashley Higgs

Alternative Food Systems: Expectations and Reality
by Richard Richards

Book Reviews

Food, Farms, and Solidarity: French Farmers Challenge Industrial Agriculture and Genetically Modified Crops by Chaia Heller
review by Emma McDonell

Food Activism: Agency, Democracy, and Economy by Carole Counihan and Valeria Siniscalchi, eds.
review by John C. Jones

Hidden Hunger: Gender and the Politics of Smarter Foods by Aya Hirata Kimura
review by Jessica Loyer

Everyone Eats: Understanding Food and Culture (2nd Edition) by E.N. Anderson
review by Gurpinder Lalli

Nutritionism: The Science and Politics of Dietary Advice by Gyorgy Scrinis
review by Anett Kalvin-Toth

A Cultural History of Food in the Modern Age by Amy Bentley, ed.
review by Emily Contois

Sugar and Spice: Grocers and Groceries in Provincial England, 1650-1830 by Jon Stobart
review by Kimi Ceridon

The Untold History of Ramen: How Political Crisis in Japan Spawned a Global Food Craze by George Solt
review by Ariel Knoebel

Dubious Gastronomy: The Cultural Politics of Eating Asian in the USA by Robert Ji-Song Ku
review by Robert McKeown

Eating Asian America: A Food Studies Reader by Robert Ji-Song Ku, Martin F. Manalansan IV, and Anita Mannur, eds.
review by Liz Bada

VOLUME II, ISSUE I | Spring 2015

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Research Articles

The Two Locals: Food, Agri(culture), and Identity in Central Wisconsin
by Catie Peters

“They Go By the Light of the Moon”: An Anthropological Perspective on Home Winemaking Among Italian Americans in Boston
by Chris Maggiolo

Cooking in Chaos: The Performative Experience of Cooking in the Moment
by W. Gabriel Mitchell

The Dark Side of the Spoon: The Gustatory Experience of Eating in a Fine Dine Restaurant
by Kathe Gray

Book Reviews

Cultures of Milk: The Biology and Meaning of Dairy Products in the United States and India by Andrea Wiley
review by Gretchen Sneegas

High on the Hog: A Culinary Journey from Africa to America by Jessica B. Harris
review by Amanda Milian

Pure and Modern Milk: An Environmental History since 1900 by Kendra Smith-Howard
review by Stephanie Boland

Secrets of the Greek Kitchen: Cooking, Skill, and Everyday Life on an Aegean Island by David E. Sutton
review by Maria Carabello

Food Between the Country and the City: Ethnographies of a Changing Global Foodscape by Nuno Domingos, Jose Manuel Sobral, and Harry G. West, eds.
review by Amanda S. Green

Drinking History: Fifteen Turning Point in the Making of American Beverages by Andrew F. Smith
review by Serenity Sutherland

Three Squares: The Invention of the American Meal by Abigail Carroll
review by Rachel A. Snell

VOLUME I, ISSUE I | Spring 2014

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Research Articles

Not Just for Cooking Anymore: Exploring the 21st Century Trophy Kitchen
by Emily Contois

“Sustenance out of Refuse:” Detroit, Invisible Capital, and the Search for Food Justice
by Gretchen Sneegas

No Motherland Without You: The Feminine Pastoral in North Korean Agricultural Propaganda
by Miki Kawasaki

Best Practices and Challenges for Farmers Market Incentive Programs: A Guide for Policy Makers and Practioners
by Jeanie Donovan, Amy Madore, Megan Randall, and Cate Vickery

Book Reviews

Eating Right in America: The Cultural Politics of Food and Health by Charlotte Biltekoff
review by Maria Carabello

Wine and Culture: Vineyard to Glass by Rachel E. Black and Robert Ulin, eds.
review by Chris Maggiolo

The Life of Cheese: Crafting Food and Value in America by Heather Paxson
review by Brad Jones