The Graduate Association for Food Studies is comprised of graduate students from more than a dozen countries. By becoming a student member of ASFS, you automatically become a member of GAFS. You not only gain access to an interdisciplinary community of food scholars, you also join our effort to promote rigorous scholarship on food-related research. GAFS works to advance the interests of our burgeoning academic community at an international level.

Join ASFS and GAFS here. Select “Student Membership.”

Membership in ASFS and GAFS is only available annually. With your membership you receive:

  • A subscription to the journal Food, Culture & Society
  • Discounted ASFS conference registration
  • Discounted GAFS graduate student conference registration
  • The opportunity to join the Graduate Journal of Food Studies peer-review committee and gain valuable editorial experience
  • Helpful GAFS professionalization resources from senior graduate students
  • Access to the Members Only portion of the ASFS website, featuring a message board, member directory, member syllabi, and member papers
  • 25% subscription discount to Gastronomica: The Journal of Critical Food Studies
  • Reduced rate subscription to Food & Foodways
  • Discount with MIT Press