The Graduate Journal of Food Studies (ISSN 2578-5583) is an international student-run and refereed platform dedicated to encouraging and promoting interdisciplinary food scholarship at the graduate level. Published open-access on a rolling basis, the Journal is a platform for scholars to showcase exceptional academic research.

Officially affiliated with the Graduate Association for Food Studies, the Journal seeks to foster inclusive dialogue among students across academic communities. Its current editorial team is especially committed to featuring anti-racist, anti-sexist, and decolonial scholarship.

Each issue is composed of research articles, book reviews, and short-form creative pieces [see the submission guidelines]. Research articles may be submitted from any disciplinary location but must ensure legibility to an interdisciplinary audience of food studies scholars. Shorter work, formerly known as a Food-Stuff piece, is not subject to peer review and may take the form of field notes, archival digests, commentaries, interviews, or photo essays.

The Journal considers its mission to:

  • Challenge, trouble, and vex the field of food studies through robust engagement with other academic fields
  • Amplify graduate student work and cultivate scholarly development through the process of peer review, editorial revision, and publication
  • Connect scholars via social media with the additional objective of bringing together food writers both inside and outside of academia
  • Build relationships among graduate students who study food as well as across food studies programs internationally

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