Food studies matters, now more than ever. And while the articles featured in this issue of the Graduate Journal of Food Studies were not solicited under the banner of food’s vast and varied politics, it is now impossible to read them outside of our current political moment. Emily J.H. Contois, Editor-in-Chief 
Keep writing, researching, and dreaming of food, and while you’re at it, no food puns! Carla Cevasco
I hate food puns. Food studies should not be easy. We are researching no less than the stuff of life. Carla Cevasco
The Graduate Journal of Food Studies is a place where rising scholars sprout wings.Carla Cevasco
The specificity of food matters. The Graduate Journal of Food Studies hopes to be a forum that furthers the study of food by giving voice to a nascent cohort of interested scholars and encouraging dialogue that transcends disciplinary boundaries.Brad Jones